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Andy Lau.. I don't want to have your babies but you are an amazing human being. Please don't prove me wrong.

Deanie Ip is always awesome and cute (tho is looks like something she has done before in the 90s) and Ann Hui is an amazing leading HK filmmaker.

This movie is going to play too much with my heart and memories so I might just happily, painfully watch it.
My parents and sister are devoted Christians.
The Dean of my course make me prayed with her one time. /awkward
My doctor is a pastor's son who is constantly preaching to me.

Sometimes I think the universe is dead set to make me a Christian...
I recently stabbed my eye till it bleed so...

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This is scaring me ok, hyde?!!
Dare I say this...? I like metropolis 2011 more than Good Luck My Way. :P

However, Good Luck My Way sounds great as an instrument only song.. SORRY HYDE!! I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU THOUGH!
"You're smile is a mere lie
You're tears are mere pee
You're mere pretty doll
So you're insanity!!"

Thank you for such beautiful, wise words Tetsu(ya). I'll keep that in mind and when I do cry, this will be the reason why I'll end up laughing all alone like a mad woman.


Watching this nearly makes me cry...

P/S: It's 4a.m. rn but I still can't sleep cox stomach upset thanks to yesterday's korean BBQ. NO REGRETS!! ..I think.

Super late L'Arc~en~Christmas

On the way to Music Station's studio, hyde has the unfortunate luck to get stuck in the pathway of migrating birds. ...AGAIN!
Birds of the same feather flocks together.

Somewhere in I don't know where.. there's a mass bird burialCollapse )

(Don't worry, hyde. I was once attacked by an ostrich. I know how it is to nearly be bird's food. *pat**pat*)
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Ok, maybe I am getting too flamboyant with this but what the hell! They were so awesome in their game against England!! Even if that second goal of England was counted, they still would have lost. They seems to be half-asleep most of the time! And that Germany goalkeeper was just unmovable from 2nd half onwards. Great job, Germany! It was an interesting game. :D

4-1 loss may be humiliating for England but err.. at least it is not as bad as Portugal bullying North Korea into 7-0 and they have many close chances as well. Too bad, England, but Germany was the better team. The only sad thing for me is, Burger-man promises me free burger if England wins. =(

Blonds have more fun LOL

AAAAAHH!! HE DID IT!! He really died dyed his hair blond!!! Hyde, my man, I'm giving you a salutation for your bravery. Or rather, hair suicide.. *salute*
Even the guy in the middle looks petrified. HAHAHA!
While randomly looking at Acid Black Cherry's planned tracklist for a new cover album...
Juria ni Shoushin / Heartbreak For Julia (The Checkers, 1984)
se-ra- Fuku to Kikanju / Sailor Suits and Machine Guns (Kisugi Takao, 1981)
Hershey (Fish & Chips, 1997)
Ai no Baka! / Love Fool! (Kyougoku)
Silhouette Romance (Oohashi Junko, 1981)
Love Is Over (Ou Yang Fei Fei, 1983)
Aitai / I Want To See You (Sawada Chikako, 1990)
Tenshi no Wink / Angel’s Wink (Matsuda Seiko, 1985)
GLAMOROUS SKY (Mika Nakashima, 2005)
Daitokai / Metropolis (Crystal King, 2002)

Ou Yang Fei Fei?? As in THIS Ou Yang Fei Fei?!!

Good choice, yasu. My grandma loves her. :P
Why are there so many old songs sung by female there. And Glamorous Sky is so predictable. Who half expected hyde's name there with Glamorous Sky, forgetting for a minute that Mika Nakashima is the singer? *raises hand*

Who are people shitting bricks over hyde kissing a woman? Lol. The heartbreaks are funny.
I thought that was hot! Though it did look like he is bite-kissing her.. Which! make it even hawter!! But really my biggest problem is that woman.. She looks like she's just stumbling there thinking, "Wat am i doing ere? Tis waaay past my bedtime. A japaneez guy is kissin me... Oh well, do what u hav to do. Zzzzzzzz..." Wake Up gurrl!!

I have nothing to say about L'7 that no one has said.. But I'll still do my late ranting anyway. Mwahaha.
Fashionably late (not) take on L'7 at Tokyo Dome DVD.Collapse )

There is never too much shopping in a girl's life, just never enough shoppingCollapse )